Project Template: nestedlife

nestedlife is a project template to build the same annual projection model of basic traditional life policies as simplelife, but at each projection step, a nested projection going forward from the step is carried out. The outer and nested projections shares the same base assumptions, but the assumptions of the nested projections can be adjusted based on how the outer projection develops upto each projection step at which point a nested projection starts.

The main purpose of this template is to simulate actual/realistic cashflows as the outer projection, and expected future cashflows at each projection step as each of the nested projection.

Model structure

nestedlife The main module to build a simplelife model.
build_input Module to create Input space and its child spaces from input data.
lifetable Source module to create LifeTables space from.
policy Source module to create Policy space from.
assumptions Source module to create Assumptions space from.
economic Source module to create Economic space from.
projection Source module to create Projection space from.