Actual vs expectedΒΆ

Lapse assumption changes based on previous year experience.



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    import nestedlife.nestedlife as nestedlife
except ImportError:
    import nestedlife

polid = 171
model =
outer = model.OuterProjection
inner = model.OuterProjection.InnerProjection

#%% Code block for overwiting the default model

def nop_Surrender_outer(t):
    """Number of policies: Surrender"""

    if t == 1:
        surr_rate_mult = 2
    elif t == 2:
        surr_rate_mult = 0.5
        surr_rate_mult = 1

    return nop_BoP1(t) * asmp.SurrRate(t) * surr_rate_mult

def nop_EoP_inner(t):
    """Number of policies: End of period"""
    if t == t0:
        return outer.nop_EoP(t)
        return nop_BoP1(t - 1) - nop_Death(t - 1) - nop_Surrender(t - 1)

outer.new_cells(name='nop_Surrender', formula=nop_Surrender_outer)
outer[polid].InnerProjection[1].SurrRateMult = 2
outer[polid].InnerProjection[2].SurrRateMult = 0.5
inner.new_cells(name='nop_EoP', formula=nop_EoP_inner)

#%% Code block for drawing graphs

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import seaborn as sns

def get_nested(item):

    cells = outer[polid].cells[item]

    act = [cells[t] for t in range(50)]
    expect = []

    for t0 in range(0, 6):
        expect_t0 = [np.nan] * 50
        for t in range(0, 50):
            if t < t0:
                expect_t0[t] = np.nan
                cells = outer[polid].InnerProjection[t0].cells[item]
                expect_t0[t] = cells[t]


    return act, expect

def mask_act(act, t0):
    masked_act = act.copy()
    for t, val in enumerate(masked_act):
        if t > t0:
            masked_act[t] = np.nan
    return masked_act

def draw_single_ncf(ncf, ax, ls):
    ax.plot(ncf, marker='o', linestyle=ls)
    ax.set_xlim(right=10, left=-1)

def draw_graph_column(item):

    act, expect = get_nested(item)

    nrows = len(expect)
    fg, axs = plt.subplots(nrows=nrows, sharex=True, sharey=True)
    for t0, ax in enumerate(axs):
        draw_single_ncf(expect[t0], ax, ':')
        draw_single_ncf(mask_act(act, t0), ax, '-')

def draw_graph_pair(*items):

    ncols = len(items)
    pairs = [get_nested(item) for item in items]
    nrows = len(pairs[0][1])

    fg, axs = plt.subplots(nrows=nrows, ncols=ncols, sharex=True)

    for col in range(ncols):
        for t0 in range(nrows):
            ax = axs[t0][col]
            act, expect = pairs[col]
            draw_single_ncf(expect[t0], ax, ':')
            draw_single_ncf(mask_act(act, t0), ax, '-')

if __name__ == '__main__':
    draw_graph_pair('nop_Surrender', 'nop_EoP')

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