lifelib v0.3.2 (23 November 2021)

This release adds a new example, 2. Extended Stochastic Example in the savings library, and reflects some cosmetic changes in the savings models.

To update lifelib, run the following command:

>>> pip install lifelib --upgrade

New Example

A example notebook, 2. Extended Stochastic Example is added to the savings library. This example shows how to extend the CashValue_ME_EX1 model in the 1. Simple Stochastic Example and reflect maintenance fees, policy decrement, GMDB and dynamic lapse. The extended model is included in the savings library as CashValue_ME_EX2.

This example consists of the Jupyter notebook, sample model, and some Python scripts to plot graphs. The Python scripts are used to draw graphs on the Gallery page. The Jupyter notebook describes the CashValue_ME_EX2 model, explains the changes from the original model, and outputs some graphs on the Gallery page.

File or Folder



The example model for savings_example2.ipynb


Jupyter notebook 2. Extended Stochastic Example

Python script for Black-Scholes-Merton on dividend paying stock

Python script for Dynamic policy decrement

Python script for Account value to number of policies

Fixes and Updates