Common Input Data

The Input Space contains References holding input data used in multiple Spaces and associated Cells to process the input data.

The Input Space in the fastlife model contains a PandasData object containing mortality tables as a pandas DataFrame. The PandasData object is assigned to the Refernce, MortalityTables. The DataFrame is read from MortalityTables.xlsx in the model folder. The DataFrame’s index indicates age, and the columns are MultiIndex whose first level indicates table ID, and second level values indicate sex (M or F).

References in this Space


PandasData object holding the data of mortality tables. The data is read from MortalityTables.xlsx. Defined also in fastlife.model.LifeTable, fastlife.model.Input and fastlife.model.Projection.Assumptions



The last ages of MortalityTables


The last ages of MortalityTables