lifelib v0.3.3 (24 April 2022)

This release adds a new example, 3. Memory-Optimized Mutiprocess Example in the savings library.

To update lifelib, run the following command:

>>> pip install lifelib --upgrade

If you’re using Anaconda, use the conda command instead:

>>> conda update lifelib

New Example

An example notebook, 3. Memory-Optimized Mutiprocess Example is added to the savings library. This example demonstrates how to effectively run a heavy model with a large data set. The demonstration utilizes techniques such as:

  • Multiprocessing using ipyparallel

  • Memory-optimized runs introduced in modelx v0.19.0

This example is included as a Jupyter notebook. Another notebook for generating a table of 100K model points used for the example is included.

File or Folder



Jupyter notebook 3. Memory-Optimized Mutiprocess Example


Jupyter notebook Generating 100K model points