Source code for solvency2.override.lapse

"""Override module for the lapse risk calculation

The formulas in this module overrides cells related to lapse in
:mod:`projection <solvency2.projection>` module.

[docs]def SurrRateShock(t): """Surrender rate multiple for the inner projection (Default: 1)""" if t >= t0: return Factor(Risk, Shock, Scope) else: return 0
[docs]def SurrRate(t): """Surrender rate reflecting up/down lapse shocks""" limit = Factor(Risk, Shock, Scope, 'limit') if Shock == 'up': return min(asmp.SurrRate(t) * (1 + SurrRateShock(t)), limit) elif Shock == 'down': return max(asmp.SurrRate(t) * (1 - SurrRateShock(t)), asmp.SurrRate(t) - limit) else: raise ValueError
[docs]def PolsSurr(t): """Number of policies: Surrender override""" return PolsIF_Beg1(t) * SurrRate(t)