Source code for solvency2.build_input_scr

"""Module to import additional cells for SCR calculation from input file.

This module contains a function :py:func:`build_input_scr`,
which is called from :py:func:``,
after :py:func:`~solvency2.build_input`
to create additional cells in ``Input`` space.


[docs]def build_input_scr(space, input_file): """Create ``CorrLife`` and ``LifeFactors`` cells in ``Input`` space""" space.new_cells_from_excel( book=input_file, range_='CorrLife', names_row=0, param_cols=[0], names_col=0, param_rows=[1], param_order=[0, 1]) space.new_cells_from_excel( book=input_file, range_='LifeFactors', names_row=0, param_cols=[0, 1, 2, 3]) return space